what is nWizard ?…..

Everything started as an idea of “I have to make something like a framework for desktop applications” …which became …something far beyond as I expected … knowing myself.

So, as a beginner Java developer I started with a java package name (net.nWizard.aragon) which did not change since and I started to code….and code ….and code.
Actually if I remember it correctly I wanted to invent some cool nickname, so I came up with the nWizard, wehere n comes from my real name Norbert or NORTZA for my close friends.

And that’s kind of it concerning nWizard. (Nobody calles me like that ;-)).

My name is Norbert Rakosi or NORTZA if You like…I was born on 22 September 1980, in Baia Mare, a really nice small town in North-West of Romania.I finished my technical studies at „GABOR DENES” College (Hungary, Budapest), Faculty of Applied Informatics (graduation date: 24th October 2003).
It is not too much, but in my opinion this was more than enough to start my jurney on the field of Computer Science…

Currently I live in Satu Mare (Romania) together with my beautiful wife (Kovia) and lazy dog (Willy) and work as a Java Software Developer, for a dutch company TBA  (since March 2008), and I develop desktop applications using the Eclipse RCP.
Before this, I worked for SiemensVDO (now a Coninental Company), as embedded Java Software Developer for almost 4 years.
ME Kovia

I really enjoy the Rap&Hip-Hop music…but You may notice that on this blog…

In my free time I usually work on the Aragon Framework project and also on several application modules built on top of it.

Recently I also started to like reading books (a few Years ago You could kill me with making me read a book…but thingz change ;-)), mostly related to personal development and financial education from writers like Robert T. Kiyosaki, John C. Maxwell, Napoleon Hill… and others…

You can reach me via e-mail (norbert (at) nwizard (dot) ro) if You want.