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Log time no…write ;-).

Well i’ve been kind of busy (ad maybe too lazy) lately, to write something, but today I have found a nice piece of software presented in a short article on the JavaLobby portal. The article presents a nice idea:  let’s have a WordPress blogging engine written in Java?

HOW can this be done?: by migrating the code from PHP to Java…simple as that…

and here it is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nwordpress, the foks from http://numiton.org/ have done it. My congrats….

I can’t wait to try it out…and mostly to have a look at the code… ;-)…. maybe I’ll try to migrate my WordPress again…hopefully with more success than last time.

Have nice day, and happy coding


Free software link collection

Are you looking for some free solution for your problem?

Well you could use the Googler to search for a solution that fits,…. or  you could just check out FileHippo.com.

The site contains download-links for lost of nice free software solutions…. just enjoy

Happy browsing


MWconn an alternative to the Vodafone Mobile Connect

Dear Vodafone Huawei E220 users!!!!

I am more than happy to announce that out there exist a nice tool which can totally replace the Vodafone Mobie Connect or Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite.

Since I think 5 months, having no other solution for internet connection, I have subscribed to a Vodafone 3G broadband internet service. This comes with a nice little USB modem (Huawei E220).

Being acquired from Vodafone directly, the modem comes with a “nice” on-board software called Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite which starts up automatically(in ~1 minute or so) after you plug in the modem into an USB slot of your computer.

All nice and easy…but… after few days of usage… the internet connection started to break. (I think mostly because of the slightly bad 3G signal). Since this behavior became kind of very frequent we switched to the VMC Lite’s big brother (literally big) Vodafone Mobile Connect. Now that is a heavyweight peace of software… Actually I was extremely surprised that first I had to upgrade my wife’s Laptop to Win XP SP2 to be able to run the installer, after that it installed several MB of stuff to my computer including i think .Net runtime and stuff… but I still cannot realize WHY??

The only thing I wanted was a simple lightweight connection software… Is this too much to ask???

It was a small nightmare to start up the connection software… it took somewhat ~1minute to initialize (I have to say that we both have quite good machines, about 1 year old.)….man…that can be frustrating…

Yesterday I had enough and started to look around some alternatives for the VMC and VMC Lite. During the search I have fond some interesting links which you might find useful, like:



and finally I found-it… a nice, simple and FREE software that rules them all….MWconn (http://www.mwconn.com/), written by guys who have been tired of VMC like software and decided to make something which is less bling, and is more useful… installed and configured in 5 minutes, my internet was up and running in notime… there is nothing else to say, but congrats….and thanks.

I have also used the following utilities to make VMC shut:

Switch Port

This tool will disable the on-board VMC Lite auto installer.  This is useful if you don’t want to use the embedded software on your machine.

Switch Modem

This package contains the drivers to allow you to use the device if you’re not using the standard connection manager.  You’ll need to plug in the device when you run this utility.

from http://www.mobilebroadbandrocks.com/huawei-modem-utilities.

So my fellow Huawei E220 users don’t waste your time, download the MWconn and let your modem work, because this is why you have acquired it…isn’t it? 😉

Happy browsing…


FREE Cheatsheets for Developers

Hi all,

I found some nice FREE Cheat sheets which might be usefull some day…

I hope you can find them usefull:

Spring Configuration

by Craig Walls, author of “Spring In Action”

Features Dependency Injection in a Nutshell, Configuring Spring with XML, Namespaces, Annotations, Hot Tips and more…“From a value and accuracy perspective, this card is spot on.” –Ryan Breidenbach

Getting Started with Eclipse

by Adam Houghton & Ed Burnette, author of “Eclipse In Action”

Features Getting Eclipse, Workbench 101, Development with Eclipse, Keyboard Shortcuts, Plug-ins, Community Web Sites, Hot Tips and more…

GWT Style, Configuration and JSNI Reference

by Robert Hanson, author of “GWT In Action”

Features Official GWT Web Sites, Styling Widgets with CSS, GWT Module Configuration, JavaScript Native Interface, Hot Tips and more…

Getting Started with Ajax

by Dave Crane, author of “Ajax In Action”

Features Getting to Know HTTP, Tips for Using XHR, Ajax and Architecture, Ajax Toolkits, Ajax User Interfaces, Hot Tips and more…
If you have found Cheat sheets like the above please post you comments… 10x in advance

Happy coding