Tips to become better… programmer

I have just realized what was the biggest thing that I have learned at the University:

The only skills you have to master in any profession you are involved with is to “learn the basics and know how to find the details”.

Based on the above I give you a nice post about how to grow a bigger programmer (or let me just say Developer).

Happy coding


High Performing Mindset

"The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. That is the first element need to be mastered to create success mindset. These presentation slides desribe seven elements of high performing mindset." (

[slideshare id=54572&doc=excellence-mindset-8280&w=425] 

Online Marketing Magazine (RO) – Issue August is out

I just found out about an itiative of Emil Gocsi editor of of starting a free online magazine (in romanian language) about Marketing on the Web.

Personally I like the idea, because any well structured infopack is for the best of the web-comunnity.

So here is the first (August 2007) issue, talking about Google Adsense

Online Marketing Magazine – August 2007