Who is a proud daddy? …. me, me, me

Yesterday it was one of the toughest and the I have to say the happiest day of my life.

After an agonizing and long (about 12 hours ) hard labor my beautiful wife Kovia give birth to the most beautiful angel in the world.

Meet Maya Emma (the future beauty queen of our lives)

Here is she after just about 20 minutes in this world:

Maya. My first 20 minutes

After about an hour Kovi and Maya were reunited. Proud mom with her precious girl (picture taken by the proudest father in the world).

Maya and Kovi  Who are you precious thing?

And again some close ups of my beauty

Maya asleep Maya
I would like to thank God for this beautiful angel He gave us to take care of her and raise her in His name.
I would like to thank my wife for this most precious Valentines Day gift, I love you Baby, you are the queen of my heart.
Thanks to all of our relatives and precious friends who did pray for us and were with us in taughts in these moments. Thank you all for being part of our lives.

This is just about it for Today. More pictures and updates will follow.Until next time

The proudest father of all, NWiz

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When Good Developers Go Bad

Hi all,

I would like to raise your attention to an interesting post:


I have to say that, after reading the article, I feel kind of uncomfortable … all the stuff in the article seams to be true…and the worst thing … kind of sounds like me…:-((

hm…..man….I think I should change something…until is not too late…

Happy coding


Leaving 4 years behind…

Today was my last day at the company I was working for, since almost 4 years. 4 years with same team, same people same environment.
I was preparing myself for this day since a while, but it turned out that I am too soft to handle this kind of situations.


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WP Upgrade – Things are not so simple as they seam to be…

Since a few weeks I have received a lot of notifications about the fact that I should upgrade my WordPress installation. It is true that the instance I have is kind of old…but man cannot upgarade a blog every time a new version comes out… :)
So in the past weekend I decided (thinking to the Nike’s “Just do it“slogan), what da H*ll I can do this …

So I armed myself with some patience and started up.

I followed all the steps described here. Everything went as expected… until I updated and activated all the plugins I had installed before, and started up the brand new wordpress I faced a nightmare…almost nothing was working as it was before. The theme had crashed because of some hard coded database access code.. (Table not found wp_categories)…the Qote Rotator was rotating but not showing anything (just empty spce), the SlimStat plugin was working, but with some 20 error messages(if I remember correctly also related to database)…and of course no compatible theme was really fitting the needs I had…A nightmare…

I have to say that I am not a patient person but this time I said I have to try, I need to make it work… So I spent most of the weekend trying to revive my old blog, but without success(not that I had no other things to do…but..I could not let the site in Maintenance mode for ever). I got really angry. I really enjoyed WordPress until now, I started to understand how it works… but after this with some regret I have to say, looking back to the wasted time and nerves, I think that next time I decide to change something on the blog I will switch directly to Drupal (no offense, I just don’t have the time to spend finding out every tiny little incompatibility between the new and the old version of WP).

After a long weekend my patience left me and I gave up trying, so I have restored the old wordpress from my backup. Old as it is but it works…and this is more important than to have the latest version…

So here it is again…and I think it will remain as is until I build up some patience and courage to engage in the next upgrade try…

Until than, as usual

Happy coding

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