OSGi…on and on…

Since I am big fan of OSGi platform, here I come with yet another set of links published by Kirk Knoernschild on he’s blog:

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Why OSGi

Here are some posts that describe the motivating factors behind OSGi.

  • Rotting Design – Discusses how a system’s design tends to rot as change occurs, and what we can do about it. Introduces OSGi at the end of the post.
  • Java Components & OSGi – My first “official” OSGi post where I talk about JAR files as components on the Java platform.
  • Enterprise OSGi -The advantages of what OSGi will bring to Enterprise development. We certainly aren’t here yet, but this is the direction things are moving.
  • JAR Design over Class Design – An indication of how few development teams spend time designing JAR files. Very unfortunate, but true.

How OSGi

Here are some posts describing how to use OSGi. They are simple tutorials.

  • Simple OSGi Service – The simplest OSGi service just to show the basics of OSGi. A good “getting started” guide if you’re not familar with OSGi.
  • OSGi & Modularity – Uses the OSGi service registry and separates interface from implementation to create a module that can be replaced with another without restarting the system.
  • OSGi & Spring – Shows how Spring Dynamic Modules can be embedded in an OSGi runtime (Felix) and OSGi services registered with the service registry. Spring takes care of registering the services, so that application code has no dependencies on the OSGi API.
  • OSGi & Embedded Jetty – A simple tutorial showing how Jetty can be embedded in OSGi. The example is fully functional and can be checked out of my Google Code SVN repository. I used Felix for the example, but also tested it under Equinox.
  • Embedding OSGi in Tomcat – A tutorial that shows what’s necessary to embed OSGi in an application server. This is the inverse of OSGi and Embedded Jetty.

OSGi Market

Here are some posts on the OSGi market.

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A small presentation about how Eclipse has envolved in last 7 years

I have found a really nice presentation of  Erich Gamma held at QCon, in which the presenter talks about the development process in the last 7 years of Eclipse development.
You can find some interesting informations about programming to API, versioning, build management, collaborative work, and much more….

I think this is a “must view” kind of presentation (at least for me it was…)

Quoted from InfoQ:

“How (7 years of) Eclipse Changed my Views on Software Development

Erich Gamma shares the lessons learnt being deeply involved in the development of the Eclipse platform over the years. From being a platform in closed development, Eclipse turned into an open source one supported by a large and growing community. Erich also talked about Jazz, IBM’s software development platform which incorporates the lessons learnt from Eclipse.”


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