Yet another web application framework: Play!

Several years ago (when I started learning Java (not that I ha finished since)), we had only just a handful of web application frameworks to choose from (like Struts, Spring, JSF), and these were used by most of the web developers.
These days, we see a new web application framework appearing each month, claiming that this is that easiest framework you can find, and is way shinier than the others…This is a bit frightening.
Yes I have to agree that diversity is nice but what about the developers? How can you be good in such number of frameworks? How can you pass a job interview with all these technologies available? Hmm…

Today I ran into a new one called Play!, thanks to the following article on Javalobby:

At first look this seems impressive (too), and I have to say that it caught my eye…maybe I will give it a try someday. It would be nice to see how it performs in a production application.

I have some questions to you:
Do we need so many application frameworks, doing almost the same thing?
How easy is for you to decide which one to use from all these shiny ones? (I personally am totally quite confused)

Do you have any taught on this? Please share them with me.

Until next time,

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Do You want quality software? HIRE GOOD TESTERS

Hi all

Its been a long time since I did not post anything… shame on me… not like somebody had missed my posts, or something… but I have to admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to posting to this blog. I am planning since a while to make a nice article about StateMachines and asynchronous programming, and even if I have all the design things and code ready I somehow do not find the time to sit down and just write an article about it… (again shame on me…)

Well, until I make myself ready to post something useful, here is something what I have found and thing it might be interesting for you. This topic is something I am also struggling in the private project I work on and the main idea is :“If you don’t have testers to test your app before delivering it to the client, you have no idea how many embarrassing situations you will face…” 😉 (well of course if you care about the feedback from the client, if not than just carry on without testers…)

Here is the article I have found as being the IM status message of a former colleague :

Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don’t Have Testers

Until next time

Happy coding