Posting from Google Docs

I just wanted to check what would be if I could write my articles nicely in Google Docs and publish them directly to my blog (wordpress) so here is my first attempt to do this.

I will include some formatted text and also some other things like pictures:

First of all a wizard hat:

And what I wand to test with this? Well I’ve been thinking a lot lately how could I share the things I learned across these few years of developing in Java, with those interested.

I mean I’ve done some things that maybe might be useful for others, or maybe could give them ideas to create something special…in short I just want to share my findings during these few years…but because I am a lazy developer I hate (still hate) using the Blog editors to compose and write my stuff, plus It would be nice to be able to work on these short articles wherever I have time (even offline) so this made me think:”Would it be possible to write these articles in Google Docs and than post them as blog posts on the Blog engine”…and after a short Goggling I came across the following article ( published in 2008 which gave me hope ;), but after reading the comments it seems like this will not. And indeed it is not working as Google Docs does not have the Publish to Blog feature anymore.

Another option was an interesting plugin which was designed to follow a folder in your Google Drive and move documents from this to another specified folder, while transforming them to posts. The plugin is called Doc to WordPress and has a details description here but I was not convinced to enter my Google credentials to such a plugin and having it move files around on my Drive is not an option for me, sorry guys I am too paranoid  plus this did not have any support for images, only text.

Just when I was about to give up, I tried one last thing: Download and import

…which did work (as you see)

Download the article as Microsoft Word (.docx)

Using the Post Office plugin create a post using a simple interface:

and there you go…

Well I think it will work fine for me …

If you see this post you can compare it with the original Doc:

With all this set, I can start writing.

Until next time, happy coding.

Energy savings with Google

Hi All,

Long time has passed since my last post. I’we been busy with my day work and the rest of my time was spent with my family.

Of course I am still up to date with the happenings but I was too lazy to repost stuff you can laready find by yourself on the net. Today I saw a nice Google post so I taught that it is worth to share it with you, you might be interested. So here it is:

Happy coding

Eclispe IDE Tip: Speed-up Eclipse startup

I was just reading some article related to Eclipse and OSGi plugin and bundle concepts, and found a nice tip of optimizing the Eclipse boot time and also spare some used memory too.

In the Eclipse runtime there a extension point defined specially to handle the early activation of some code/bundle. This extension point is called org.eclipse.ui.startup and causes preinitialization of all the implementors (extenstions) right before the Eclipse UI is started. There are several plugins which do implement this extension point and hereby are always starting up even if You don’t use them.

It seams that there is a simple way of managing these extension to be started or not at boot time:

If you open the Window>Preferences… and go to General/Startup and Shutdown, there is a list of the plugins activated at startup, which can be checked or uchecked if needed. This is a really cool feature. 😉

I have deactivated some of the plugins from there which I don’t use on daily basis and it seams like my Eclipse is starting up a bit faster. (Or it just seams like ;-))

Happy coding,