FREE Cheatsheets for Developers

Hi all,

I found some nice FREE Cheat sheets which might be usefull some day…

I hope you can find them usefull:

Spring Configuration

by Craig Walls, author of “Spring In Action”

Features Dependency Injection in a Nutshell, Configuring Spring with XML, Namespaces, Annotations, Hot Tips and more…“From a value and accuracy perspective, this card is spot on.” –Ryan Breidenbach

Getting Started with Eclipse

by Adam Houghton & Ed Burnette, author of “Eclipse In Action”

Features Getting Eclipse, Workbench 101, Development with Eclipse, Keyboard Shortcuts, Plug-ins, Community Web Sites, Hot Tips and more…

GWT Style, Configuration and JSNI Reference

by Robert Hanson, author of “GWT In Action”

Features Official GWT Web Sites, Styling Widgets with CSS, GWT Module Configuration, JavaScript Native Interface, Hot Tips and more…

Getting Started with Ajax

by Dave Crane, author of “Ajax In Action”

Features Getting to Know HTTP, Tips for Using XHR, Ajax and Architecture, Ajax Toolkits, Ajax User Interfaces, Hot Tips and more…
If you have found Cheat sheets like the above please post you comments… 10x in advance

Happy coding


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