Who is a proud daddy? …. me, me, me

Yesterday it was one of the toughest and the I have to say the happiest day of my life.

After an agonizing and long (about 12 hours ) hard labor my beautiful wife Kovia give birth to the most beautiful angel in the world.

Meet Maya Emma (the future beauty queen of our lives)

Here is she after just about 20 minutes in this world:

Maya. My first 20 minutes

After about an hour Kovi and Maya were reunited. Proud mom with her precious girl (picture taken by the proudest father in the world).

Maya and Kovi  Who are you precious thing?

And again some close ups of my beauty

Maya asleep Maya
I would like to thank God for this beautiful angel He gave us to take care of her and raise her in His name.
I would like to thank my wife for this most precious Valentines Day gift, I love you Baby, you are the queen of my heart.
Thanks to all of our relatives and precious friends who did pray for us and were with us in taughts in these moments. Thank you all for being part of our lives.

This is just about it for Today. More pictures and updates will follow.Until next time

The proudest father of all, NWiz

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