Aragon Framework v0.1.3 Released

I am pleased to announce the release v0.1.3 of the Aragon Framework.

The release contains the following changes and new features:

Aragon Framework Release Notes  Version: 0.1.3

– added -java-props application parameter to print out java proprties information.

– Introduced sleeping mechanism into Kernel to block the application thread from
  exiting until all shells are closed. After this version there is no need to
  implement this kind of blocking mechanism into shells…

– In kernel startup changed the mechanism of auto-starting components implementing
role "". All components
implementing this interface will be started by kernel. This used the
lookupAllComponentNamesForRole() method from the Aragon Container.

-transformed the noJars concept into possibility of running the released
framework in devel mode using the -devel app parameter. Therefore the file was moved to config folder to provide posibility to
define runnable modules in development mode.
Also changed the way ModuleManager loads modules in the devel mode:
in devel mode besides the modules in development the system loads
the already released and installed modules (in jar format from lib/modules folder).

– Extended API of ModuleManager to provide information if a module is in development form.

– Implemented app argument check method in Main.isAppArgumentPresent(String) to provide

simple searching mechanism for existing arguments.

-Refactored the DatabaseService concept and removed the implicit datasource and HSQL jar from kernel distribution.
Also removed graphical implementation of the database manager from DatabaseService for cleaner logic
and more flexibility. Changed concept of managing the database version..from now on for every datasource        
used by the database clients an ARAGON_DB_VERSION table will be created to store the database version.    
The version of the databases will be stored and managed automatically by the DatabaseService.
To install/update/delete a module database tables use the provided API extension:
                   installDatabaseForModule(String moduleName)
                   dropDatabaseForModule(String moduleName)
                   updateDatabaseForModule(String moduleName)

-Introduced the access right management to the update repository so the updates are
available only for specified users. See repository.xml.

-Extended UpdateService API with UpdateListener concept. The update listeners are notified
about the available updates. This makes the update feature implementation more flexible, and
module specific. If there are no listeners registered the updates are downloaded automatically.
For more info see the involved classes API.

-Fixed bug in DefaultAragonShellComponent concerning removing all disposed guis.

-Implemented a default DynaBeanJdbcDataControl to provide persistance support for DynaBeans
without the DynaManager framework

-Extended API of DatabaseClient interface to provide information about the used DS name.

-Changed in DatabaseServiceImpl to install/update/delete the db of a module
using the ds defined by the implementation of the DatabaseClient.

-Added SWT distribution 3.3M5

Aragon Toolkit Release Notes   Version: 0.1.3

-Implemented Virtual Table support into TableConnector. If the SWT table is defined as SWT.VIRTUAL,               
the connector will use the virtual loading mecanism, to improove performance      

-extended api of AragonHeaderPool with method setFadeBackground(Color from, Color to)   
to set the fading background of the component, to give a much nicer look.         

– implemented auto-expand level feature for TreeConnector to control the autoexpand               
level(0. based value)  

-fixed bug in AbstractMultidataConnector in removeData method to notify the removal before the array is changed.       

– Introduced functionality into TreeConnector of using the Identifiable id instead of .tosString(),                
if possible to minimize the system overhead.

– fixed bug in DefaultDataProvider to notify about dataLoading and dataLoaded also when
setData(Object[]) is called.

-Extended API of AragonContainer to provide possibility to look-up all component names
implementing a role. (lookupAllComponentNamesForRole)

-Extended API of AragonDialog to provide possibility to show only Close (Cancel) button.
This feature allows the usage of the aragon dialog also for informative non
functional dialogs Eg.about.-Extended API of DataSource with method getDialect():String.
The configuration xmlwas also extended with the <dialect>MYSQL</dialect> node.

-Implemented ImageBrowser widget for image browsing and displaying.

-Implemented ImageBrowserConnector for support of connecting to ImageBrowserWidget.

-Extended API of RS (result set wrapper) with methods concerning resultset column information.
Introduced the RSColumn concept,to provide Metadata like info for RS instance
Added also method to retrieve the row count of the RS

-Extended API of DynaDatFactory to create dynamic DynaBean arrays from a RS (toBeanListWrappedDynamic()).

-Introduced the DynaClassJDBC mapping feature to provide API for more complex
usage of DynaBeans

-Defined IdentifiableIDWrapper to provide wrapper functionality for the  ID field of the
Identifiable objects

-Implemented support for IDWrapper for DynaClass and DynaBean in order to ease the development

-Implemented LabeledWidget for labeled representation gui components

-Extended BL (business logic)with named parameter map support

-Defined the SWTWidgetConnector interface for objects connecting to SWT widgets
to provide more flexible access to any type of widget.

-Added support for casting numeric types in DynaBean properties.

-Implemented support for JAVA 1.6 in Connection wrapper (not yet activated)


Yo can download the files of this release from here

Happy Coding 

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