Do You want quality software? HIRE GOOD TESTERS

Hi all

Its been a long time since I did not post anything… shame on me… not like somebody had missed my posts, or something… but I have to admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to posting to this blog. I am planning since a while to make a nice article about StateMachines and asynchronous programming, and even if I have all the design things and code ready I somehow do not find the time to sit down and just write an article about it… (again shame on me…)

Well, until I make myself ready to post something useful, here is something what I have found and thing it might be interesting for you. This topic is something I am also struggling in the private project I work on and the main idea is :“If you don’t have testers to test your app before delivering it to the client, you have no idea how many embarrassing situations you will face…” 😉 (well of course if you care about the feedback from the client, if not than just carry on without testers…)

Here is the article I have found as being the IM status message of a former colleague :

Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don’t Have Testers

Until next time

Happy coding

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