FRAMEWORKS our BEST friends and BIGGEST enemies

I am a fan of frameworks…any kind…I have written some frameworks…and used them, and also used frameworks written by others… Ok, but who did not?

Now that my view point is clear, let me share a secret with you…I think I hate frameworks… ;-). I just realized that most of what we do, as Java developers, is “use a framework” of some kind, try to comply with some guy’s “rules”, to surrender to the thinking behind the FWKs we use.

Lately I am involved in a web based project, for which I had to chose between some web related frameworks (because who is that stupid to build a somewhat complex web app from scratch using jsp pages (o wait that is a framework to…or?)), or pure servlets, and I just realized how much these frameworks derive your programmatic thinking… you only need to follow the rules defined and that’s it, you just assembled an application which does what you maybe wanted, but is built how they decided to be built… Now this makes me ask: Am I still a programmer?… or just a simple user, who learned to assemble an application from some predefined, simple or somewhat complex, components. Hmmm…

Nowadays anyone can read a good Developer Guide and follow some simple rules, and that is all what you need to produce some nice product… you only need to have some basic skill to computers, and patience…to read.

What will happen in 10 years when most of the IT guys will use some framework to do a job and will not ask: “But why it is this done like that?”, “How is this done?”.
You know I think ignorance will kill the IT industry… there are few people who really ask this question today… Most of the today’s developers say “Why think if this works ok?”, “There were some clever guys who wrote this Framework. I am sure that this is the best solution for us.”. What if someday you will just realize that the framework you have been using since forever, is just so general purpose oriented that it does something 10 times slower than your not so well written but result concentrated code? What will you do then?

Somehow this is what frightens me most…that we will loose our creative capabilities because we are not trained to think, we are trained to use…

Now I realize that this is why I have written the Aragon Framework, not to sell it or something, but just to proove myself that I can also create a Framework and I can think creatively, I am not so lost…there is still hope :).

This reminds me of the MATRIX…but in this case the FRAMEWORKS will rule our world…but I hope that there will be a Neo who will free us…

There is a nice anecdote related to Frameworks posted by Benjamin Smith on is blog called Why I Hate Frameworks.
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